Dying veteran receives medals 70 years late

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With Polson's health failing, at age 90, his family applied to get him the medals he'd earned more than 70 years ago. (CNN)

Phoenix, AZ  — Paul Polson’s children say he didn’t talk much about his service during World War II. Only recently, they learned that he’d been wounded.

With Polson’s health failing, at age 90, his family applied to get him the medals he’d earned more than 70 years ago.

“We were so afraid Dad would pass before he was awarded the medals,” Paige Stone, his daughter, said.

On Memorial Day, General Michael McGuire, who’s in charge of the Arizona National Guard, joined Senator John McCain in Polson’s living room, to deliver the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

“He was so excited that this was going to happen. We believe this is what’s kept him alive this long,” Stone said.

McCain and McGuire thanked Polson for being part of the “Greatest Generation.”

“They made the world safe for democracy, and those who followed them,” McCain said, in front of a crowd of friends and family.

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