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Officials expect unusually busy Memorial Day weekend on High Rock Lake

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – Memorial Day weekend is often busy for High Rock Lake, but Sgt. Randy Holbrook with the Davidson County Sheriff's Department said this year would be even more so.

Because of low gas prices, Sgt. Holbrook said they're preparing for big crowds.

"There's nothing wrong with having fun," Holbrook said. "We encourage you to have fun. But play safe."

Holbrook said, sometimes, people think driving a boat is just like driving a car.

"It's not just buy a boat, get on the water and ride," he said. "You need to know what the rules are. When you pull a boat back to neutral, it don't just stop. You can't just stop a boat like you can a car."

Holbrook said first and foremost -- boaters should have a designated sober driver.

"The best safety thing I can tell you on a boat is the same as in a car. Have a designated operators. Have someone that's not drinking drive the boat."

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