Greensboro Urban Ministry trying to fund new truck

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Behind the scenes of the Greensboro Urban Ministry there is a lot going on. Volunteers pack emergency food bags for about a hundred families every day and thousands of pounds of food go out from the organization's Gate City Boulevard location.

The nonprofit also uses two trucks and a van to pick up food, and they're not in the best condition.

"By God's grace it's still going, it has a quite few hundred thousand miles on it," that's Myron Wilkins, executive director at the Greensboro Urban Ministry.

One of their trucks is on its last leg. It has a tattered roll-up door and needs a new transmission. "We may get to the place where the truck totally breaks down," Wilkins said.

If that were to happen, it would seriously hurt the organization and the needy families who depend on food donations. Right now it's just not in the budget to buy a new truck, the organization is hoping the community will help them get on a set of better wheels.

The organization gets fresh meat and vegetable donations from several Guilford County grocery stores, but the trucks don't have refrigeration, so drivers have to load everything into coolers and make several unnecessary trips.

Food Lion donates groceries every day to the nonprofit, so when the corporate office heard about FOX8's story and the need for a new truck, within just a few hours they donated $2,500 to Greensboro Urban Ministry.

"Being able to have this gift really sets the stage for us to be proactive and be able to replace this truck before it goes out and having to react and it's becoming an emergency," said Lane Brown, Director of Development and Communications for Greensboro Urban Ministry."

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