‘Fun in Turn One’: Watching NASCAR from a condominium

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CONCORD, N.C. -- Most NASCAR fans watch the Coca-Cola 600 on FOX8, the ones who attend in person choose their spot in the grandstand but some really lucky fans choose to watch the action from the comfort of the condos in turn one.

And as soon as people walk in, the response is almost always a resounding "Wow!"

It's a lot different than sitting in the stands. You're still watching and feeling all the action of a NASCAR race but from inside Unit 204 at Turn One Condos.

The condo is owned by a group called "Fun In Turn One."

They purchased the unit about 10 years ago specifically to rent out to fans on race day.

They think of it as a way to not just bring people to the race but give them an experience.

The price of admission includes a race ticket, access to the 1100 square foot condo, an open bar, snacks and a catered meal. The condo is also equipped with several scanners to listen in to the drivers while they race and of course there's a big HDTV.

It’s like watching the race from your own living room.

On the day of the NASCAR Truck Series race, Ben Carver was hosting a group of business clients.

Dorothy Sand and Julie Philip have paid to be in the unit all the way through the Coke 600. They met at a NASCAR race seven years ago and meet up at NASCAR races several times a year.

From the NASCAR professional, the person who knows all about NASCAR and the drivers, to the person who has never seen a race in their life, knows nothing, everyone has a really good time.