Lawn, home equipment thefts spike in warmer months

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Lexington police officers are warning homeowners about crooks converging on their lawns.

Officers say during the spring and summer months, reports of lawn and home equipment thefts in residential communities spike.

Lexington police are using a recent case of theft to warn homeowners about these crimes of opportunity.

On Tuesday, a homeowner reported to police that his $400 pressure washer was stolen from his yard. The homeowner was in the middle of using the pressure washer, when he set the equipment down in his front yard while walking to the back of his home. When returning to the front of the home, the homeowner saw the pressure washer was gone. Surveillance footage from the home caught the criminal on camera. Police are now using that footage to help track down the criminal.

If you recognize the man photographed, contact police or CrimeStoppers.

Lt. Luke Davis with the Lexington Police Department says everyone can learn a lesson from this.

“If we leave something out in the front yard, or something out in the carport, or in an open garage that can be seen, then many criminals can see that as an opportunity,” Davis said. “We see many criminals are opportunists and if we can prevent that opportunity then we can decrease our chances of becoming a victim.”

As the warmer months arrive, officers want to remind homeowners to be cautious about where they place and store their equipment.

Some suggestions made by police: participate or create community watch groups, invest in a security system and install surveillance cameras.

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