Coyotes become nuisance, suspected of killing ducks at man’s Denton farm

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DENTON, N.C. — A Thomasville man says coyotes have been killing ducks at his Denton hobby farm.

“I have had eight pet ducks killed since early March, two others killed last August for a total of 10,” Chris Yarbrough said. “What little remained of the ducks showed all the signs of coyote predation. I found ‘scat’ at two scenes, and its size and shape alerted me that the killer was a coyote.”

Yarbrough confirmed his suspicions using a Browning trail camera. Both night and day photos captured a coyote.

“This has become a real problem to me,” he said. “When those two ducks were killed last year, I wrote this off to happenstance. When the next two died in March, I called this ‘coincidence.’ But after six more have been killed since then, this is undeniably ‘enemy action.’ ”

“This coyote is becoming bolder,” he added. “Though I do not live on the property, this coyote is obviously becoming very comfortable with my presence and human scent.”

Yarbrough goes to the farm every two days to feed his surviving ducks.

“I was stunned the coyote was hunting this missing duck during daylight hours.”


“I am a liberal when it comes to conservation issues, but I have had it with this one.”

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