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Coyote concerns in Davidson County community

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WELCOME, N.C. -- Joanie Williams hasn't seen them but over the past few weeks, she’s heard coyotes howling in her back yard.

She lives on Old US Highway 52, an area where some residents say coyotes have been creeping around their homes.

Williams says her roosters won't even sleep in the barn anymore.

Instead, they sleep on the porch.

“They're afraid,” she said.

It’s something they started doing a few weeks ago after they were attacked.

"We found blood on the porch so we know that something had an altercation with them," she said.

Williams is not alone.

Several residents posted about seeing coyotes near their homes on North Davidson County Community's Facebook page.

“They're in the neighborhoods now finding food, so it's very common to see them,” said Brandon Jones, wildlife officer for the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

Jones says spring is mating season for coyotes, meaning more of them will be out.

But Jones says it's not just Davidson County.

All 100 counties in the state have them.

But he says coyotes don't attack people.

“They're probably more than likely going to run as fast as they can to get away from you," Jones said.

If you see or hear coyotes, Jones says it's best to keep pets like cats or small dogs inside or on a leash.

“Coyotes definitely see that as prey," he said.

Jones also says it's best not to approach them but instead try to scare them away.

"You can yell at them, bang pots and pans," he said.

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