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Eden Public Library opening a makerspace

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EDEN, N.C. -- For the past two months, Catherine Seaver has been turning her office at the Eden Public Library into a makerspace.

"This was something that I really wanted to put in," she said.

Seaver is the branch manager of the library and says she wanted Eden to join other cities becoming part of the Maker movement.

Makerspaces are rooms or buildings where entrepreneurs can share equipment, workspace, and ideas.

"There's a national movement, international movement towards having a space for people in the community to create," she said.

The space is split up into several stations -- one with sewing machines for textile and fashion start-ups.

There's also an electronics station, a workspace with tools for craftsman and a 3-D printing machine that can make almost anything out of plastic.

Resources Seaver says entrepreneurs will be able to use for free and may even take home.

“Go ahead take it home, finish your project and bring it back next week,” she said.

A number of makerspaces have recently popped up throughout the Piedmont including The Forge in Greensboro and Alamance Makers Guild in Burlington.

Randy Hunt, president of the city’s chamber of commerce, says the makerspace fits in well with the city's recent boom in small businesses.

“We've had a tremendous amount of ribbon-cuttings this past year,” Hunt said.

Hunt says at least two to three small businesses have opened per month for the past year.

"Things are really growing," he said.

The makerspace is expected to open to the public in the beginning of June, according to Seaver.

She says the items and tools in the makerspace have all been donated or purchased through donations by the community.

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