‘Homosexuality is an abomination’: Billboard outside of NC town sparks controversy

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EDENTON, N.C. — A billboard just outside of Edenton town limits is causing a lot of controversy because of its stance on homosexuality, according to WAVY.

Many residents are calling the billboard “an embarrassment” but the man who paid for the sign told WAVY same-sex relationships are becoming too accepted within society.

The billboard, which is located less than a mile from the Edenton line, reads:

“Which is true? Homosexuality is lawful (Supreme Court) or homosexuality is an abomination (Supreme Being).”

The man who paid for the sign, Jim Leggett, told WAVY he’s received more complaints than support.

“Are we going to follow what man says and their laws, or what God says?” said Leggett. “I’m not going to soften the truth. I am not going to take the sign down. I think it is relevant and good.”

Leggett said he used the money he would normally give to his local church to spread the message.

Edenton’s town manager said she has received complaints about the sign but has no legal authority to have it removed.

According to Leggett, the billboard will be up for at least two more months.

This isn’t the first billboard in North Carolina to cause controversy this month. An anti-House Bill 2 billboard in Polk County was recently vandalized.

The billboard said, “Welcome to North Carolina. Due to our stance on LGBT rights please set your clock back 100 years.”

Someone defaced the sign to read “GOD IS NOT MOCKED,” citing Galatians 6:7.