North Carolina high school’s ‘prom ‘propriate’ dress code video blasted for ‘body shaming’

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CLAYTON, N.C. — A North Carolina high school’s student-made prom dress code video is getting blasted for “body shaming.”

The video was put together by students at Cleveland High School to show what is appropriate attire for the prom.

Filmed as a mock game show, a panel of judges rate three groups of dresses.

The first set apparently passes the dress code, as each judge holds up a sign with a check mark.

The second set, comprised of slightly more risque dresses, apparently fails, as each judge holds up a sign with a red X.

The final set of dresses — one featuring a high slit, another with an open back and the last one made of sheer fabric — really disgusts the judges. They flip over the table and storm out of the room.

A spokesperson for Cleveland High School told TODAY Style the video was meant to be a fun way to help students understand what types of dresses would be allowed at the upcoming prom.

However, Seventeen magazine published a scathing critique of the video, calling it, “a body shaming video that will seriously enrage you.”

The Seventeen article continued:

“The models’ breasts, thighs, and lower backs were censored by black bars — even if they were fully covered by the dress — while the crowd yelled angrily and a loud siren played, as though the female body parts were committing a punishable crime. After the image, the judges and audience broke into a full-blown riot (a fake one, of course) insinuating that if a girl exposes her body, the next logical step is violence. “

On social media, some called the video “dumb” and “sexist,” with some pointing out the video only focused on what women can and can’t wear, and didn’t include any rules for male students.

Cleveland High School sent the following statement to TODAY Style:

“The Cleveland High School student-produced video focused on being prom-appropriate in order to help students understand acceptable and unacceptable attire for the prom. Because the prom is such an important and festive event in the lives of students, the Cleveland High student media production team wanted to ensure that everyone in attendance was able to enjoy their time instead of being concerned about appropriate attire.”