Greensboro tent camp residents pack their bags — with nowhere to go

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- People living in a Greensboro tent camp off of Murrow Boulevard packed their bags Friday -- but not by choice.

Back in January, the camp's residents were told they needed to vacate the property by April 18, per the wishes of the property owner. Many of the residents had called the camp home for years.

With the deadline just a few days away, the Interactive Resource Center, a nonprofit that helps the homeless, is helping a few people move to new places. But many still have nowhere to go.

"I wish somebody would change their mind and let us stay," said resident Jesse Franklin. "Because this is my home. I call this home."

Franklin said he will leave the property by Monday morning. He said he's never been in trouble with the police and doesn't want to start now.

Greensboro police said they would visit the property sometime Monday morning to put up no trespassing signs. At that point, if any residents remain, police will attempt to help them find a new place to stay.