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Students react after NC A&T Aggie Fest canceled

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Many students at North Carolina A&T University say they were disappointed when they got the alert Thursday that all activities part of this weekend's Aggie Fest were canceled.

"It sucks,” said Kendrick Morse, a student. “It really sucks."

"I'm kind of shocked really,” said Kristin Tucker, a junior. “It kind of sucks that everything got canceled so abruptly."

Tucker got the campus-wide alert while she in class.

The alert lists all the events canceled from Thursday through Saturday night, including a Greek stroll competition and the Aggie block party.

The only event that hasn't been canceled is Saturday's Blue and Gold Spring football game.

The school says the events were canceled after a recent string of violent incidents either on or near campus.

School officials say Wednesday morning, a young male was assaulted by three suspects. The victim was not a student.

That same morning, officials say three A&T students were robbed at gunpoint on East Market Street.

"I understand why they would cancel it," Tucker said.

But some students say they shouldn't have to suffer for incidents that weren't caused by A&T students.

"A&T students shouldn't get penalized for what's happened from Greensboro residents," said Darius Lanier, a senior.

Some say Aggie Fest should still go on just with more security.

"We probably do need a lot more cops dealing with something like this," Morse said.