Here’s how you could own Hillary Clinton’s old car

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man is ready to sell a piece of history. He’s had this 1986 Oldsmobile with just over 30,000 miles on it for years — but why is it so special?

It’s not the fact that the car is a classic Cutlass Ciera Brougham that’s not longer made anymore.

The current owner, Mike Lawn, says the car is special because of who once sat behind the wheel of it.

Lawn bought the car from Hillary Clinton in March of 2000, according to WHTM.

He still has the original bill of sale from the dealership in Little Rock, Ark.

Lawn said 16 years ago he was working as a gardener at the White House when Hillary decided to sell the car at the end of Bill’s second term.

“They were leaving the White House and she no longer wanted to take it with her,” Lawn told WHTM. “She put it up for bid among the 90-or-so staff. Lawn took it home for around $2,000.”

Lawn originally bought the car for his daughter who was turning 16 and needed a car for school. Unfortunately for Lawn, his daughter wasn’t quite as excited about the car.

“She looked at the car and says, ‘Man, that’s an old lady’s car. I don’t want that car,’”Lawn said.

When Lawn retired, he brought the car with him to Gettysburg and it’s sat there ever since.

His daughter, who is now 32, is helping him auction off this little piece of history on eBay.