April is Distracted Drivers Awareness Month

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- April is Distracted Drivers Awareness Month, declared by Governor Pat McCrory.

While texting and driving is illegal in our state according to NC GS 20.137.4A, distracted driving is not covered within that statute.

Officer A.D. Reed with the Greensboro Police Department explains, "The law says you cannot use an electronic device while in forward motion to electronically communicate with another individual. If you have somebody that's just playing games on their phone that's not electronically messaging somebody else."

Officers would have to prove careless and reckless driving for such distracted driving activities.

Reed said proving either of those are hard to do.

In 2015, Greensboro police issued 15 texting while driving citations, three this year to date.

Reed and other law enforcement officers urge whatever form of electronic use can wait until a driver is not behind the wheel for the safety of everyone.