Mother claims son suffered severe burns at day care

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ROUND ROCK, Texas — Clerysse Johnson says she knew something was wrong immediately after picking up her 13-month-old son from day care.

“I picked him up and that’s when I knew something was wrong. He kept curling his body like he was in a lot of pain,” Johnson told KEYE.

Johnson says she rushed her son, Caleb, to the hospital, where doctors discovered he had severe burns on his body.

Now, Johnson and officials want to know how he could have been burned so badly at day care.

The Twinkle Montessori Center denies that Caleb was hurt at the facility, saying the kitchen is off limits and the playground equipment is protected from getting too hot.

“I just want to know what happened,” Johnson said, adding, “Now when he wakes up he hugs me for a really long time, where as before he would just get up and go.”

Police and the Department of Family and Protective Services are now investigating the day care. DFPS officials made an unannounced visit to Twinkle Montessori Monday, and are now looking into “a number of minimum standards violations including child injury, abuse and neglect,” the agency told KEYE.

State records show the facility has had violations in the past, including one instance in which a caretaker left a 3-year-old in the bathroom for over two hours.

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