Everyone is your cousin, blogger’s math says

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See if Michael Jordan can show up to your next family reunion. After all, you’re cousins -- as you are with Paul McCartney, Beyoncé and Vladimir Putin. Yeah, sorry about that last one.

But don’t take my word for it -- ask Tim Urban.

Tim is a blogger who has a site called Wait But Why. He had a post a little while ago that caught my eye. He titled it, “Your Family: Past, Present and Future.” It’s the past that I found most fascinating.

“It’s around the 1200s, which is roughly 25 generations ago,” says Urban. “If you go back that far, your list of direct ancestors is the size of the world population. In other words, we’re all related.”

It’s basic math -- you have two parents, they each have two, they each have two … do that 25 times and you have about a billion direct ancestors. What Tim found so interesting are the stories that go with them.

“Just going back 10 generations or eight generations, you have thousands of people who are walking around the Earth in other countries, speaking different languages, some of them might have known each other and hated each other, some might’ve been friends.”

But all of them had something to do with who you are. See the whole story in this edition of the Buckley Report.

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