Teachers protest in Greensboro for more funding, repeal of HB2

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – For three hours, educators protested in downtown Greensboro.

There were dozens of people -- teachers, parents, and principals, known collectively as the Schools Our Students Deserve Coalition.

They were advocating for changes in the Guilford County School System.

The first issue they discussed, in-depth, was funding for public schools. Educators say there isn’t enough money for students.

Many teachers having to come out of their own paychecks to pay for items needed in the classroom.

Governor Pat McCrory announced this week that he’s looking to increase teacher salary, but members of the coalition say they’d prefer to see the money used towards students in the classroom: books, increasing staff and building improvements.

The second issue discussed, was House Bill 2. Educators at the rally said it’s important that the school board publicly oppose it. Protestors also want the State to repeal it.