‘Funny or Die’ jokes that Mississippi is ‘even worse than North Carolina’

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JACKSON, Miss. — The comedy website “Funny or Die” is making fun of Mississippi after the state recently passed a bill that many are calling “anti-LGBT.”

“We’re Mississippi. We’re proud of our Southern values, magnolia trees, and hot days,” the mock tourist ads begins. “Now, thanks to Gov. Bryant, we have an oppressive law to match our oppressive heat!”

In Mississippi, Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill this week that protects businesses and religious groups from punishment if they deny services such as counseling, wedding planning and adoption support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people when it’s based on “sincerely held religious beliefs or convictions.”

Watchdog groups decry the bill as discriminatory. Proponents call it a protection of First Amendment rights.

Funny or Die recently produced a similar video mocking North Carolina after Gov. Pat McCrory signed the controversial House Bill 2 which is also seen by some as “anti-LGBT.” That video had more than 4 million views.