Burlington Police Department discusses pedestrian safety

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Burlington police are trying to make it safer for residents to cross the street.

Since 2014, the city’s had 77 pedestrian crashes, two of them were fatal, according to Burlington Police Chief Jeffrey Smythe.

Smythe presented crash numbers to the city council at Monday’s work session.

Seven crashes happened in 2016, at least three of them happened at or near North Church Street and Graham Hopedale Road.

Areas off of Harden Street, Sharpe Road and Huffman Mill Road were other locations where police have made note of repeated crashes.

Forty-one of the crashes happened in daylight; seven happened in areas with no streetlight.

Police are collecting data to see how they can use the numbers to make safety changes, according to Smythe.

“Do we need streetlights?” asked Chief Smythe. “Do we need sidewalks? Do we need crosswalks at intersections? We don't know that yet.”

Smythe says police will continue collecting and analyzing data for the next two to four months before coming up with recommendations for the city.