Two North Carolina beaches named among 10 best on East Coast

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Two North Carolina beaches have been named among the top 10 beaches on the East Coast.

USA Today readers recently voted Ocracoke Island Beach as the No. 3 best East Coast beach and Cape Hatteras as the No. 6. Both are in the Outer Banks.

Gulf Islands National Seashore in Pensacola, Fla. took the No. 1 spot followed by Hunting Island State Park in Beaufort, S.C.

USA Today selected 20 of the best beaches along the East Coast, from Maine down to Florida, and readers voted on their favorites.

The article said the following about Ocracoke Island Beach, in part:

Ocracoke is rife with natural beauty; minimal development has allowed much of its native flora and fauna to flourish – it’s wetlands are a haven for birds, turtles and other beautiful, diverse residents.

The article also said the following about Cape Hatteras, in part:

Ocean waves, coastal flora and fauna and a picturesque lighthouse are among the attractions here on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where visitors enjoy activities as varied as kiteboarding and crabbing and nightfall brings the promise of a magical experience oft verboten on public strands: beach fires!

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