Students stunned over barber school closing in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Students peaked into the windows of Park West Barber School in Greensboro after finding the doors locked and empty chairs inside.

Many showed up in the facility’s parking lot Wednesday hoping to hear from one of the owners about why the school closed with no warning.

“He's not here so I don't know what's next,” student Randy Ferreras said.

Students say they showed up to class Tuesday, thinking it would be a routine day, only to find an unexpected message.

“There’s a sign on the door saying we've been shut down,” student Antonio Norman said.

Park West Barber School had a statement on its website explaining in part that the Greensboro campus and other campuses were closing because of increasing costs.

Some students say they met with managing partner Tim McIntosh on Tuesday, but Norman, who was there, was not satisfied with the explanation or the response since then.

“They're really not being transparent with us through the financial aid department or anything,” he said.

The North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners tells FOX8 students will likely be able to transfer credits.

"We have spoken to Park West and we understand they are going to submit reports of the final completed hours,” Executive Director Dennis Seavers said.

Seavers went on to explain the greatest challenge for the students would be finding schools that had enough space.

Another challenging issue is what will happen regarding the tuition that has been invested.

Seavers explained that the process varies depending on the contract between the school and the student and whether the student received federal loan money or paid out-of-pocket.

“If they paid out-of-pocket, that may be a contract dispute they will have to settle through litigation,” Seavers said.

Students are overall disappointed because for many of them, the school was a way for a second chance through a new career.

“This is a tragedy because there are a couple men, we come here we're trying to change our lifestyle and do better for ourselves,” Ferreras said.

Park West Barber School did not return FOX8’s request for comment.

However, Wednesday afternoon/evening, the school updated its website to include information on “next steps” for students including transferring to nearby schools and eligibility for a discharge of federal student loans.