Woman drives up telephone pole, gets stuck in high voltage wires

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MEDINA, Tenn. — A strange wreck in Tennessee has left police wondering how a woman managed to drive her car up a telephone pole and get it tangled in high-voltage wires.

Medina Police told The Jackson Sun that the 56-year-old woman ran off the road early Saturday morning, hitting a fence and driving down the fence until her car reached the wires.

“She ran up the guy-wire on the pole in a freak accident, and the car spun around the pole,” Medina Fire Chief Jeff Rollins said.

The guy-wire got wrapped around a tire and left the woman’s car suspended.

Firefighters used a bucket truck to reach the passenger door of the car while crews worked to support the utility pole. After about two hours, the woman was rescued.

Rollins, whose been with the fire department for more than 30 years, said the wreck was the first of its kind.

Police said speed is likely a factor in the crash.

The woman, whose hasn’t been identified, has been released from the hospital.