Man loses leg shooting gun at lawn mower filled with explosives

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WALTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia man is recovering after losing his leg in an explosion,¬†according to WSBTV.

Disturbing video footage shows 32-year-old David Pressley shooting a semi-automatic rifle at a lawn mower filled with pounds of explosives.

In the video, Pressley moves closer and closer to the lawn mower as he fires bullets at it. Just moments after taking a step forward, the lawn mower explodes, knocking him to the ground.

According to authorities, the blast severed part of Pressley’s leg.

Deputies told WSBTV that Pressley had packed the lawn mower with three pounds of Tannerite and was standing about 25 yards from it when the explosion happened.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman explained that people usually use less than a pound of Tannerite and stand about 100 yards away when firing at the target.

Chapman said he hopes others will learn from Pressley’s mistake.