Fairy Godmother’s kind gesture makes grieving mom’s trip to Disney World magical

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A grieving mom penned an open letter to a cast member at Walt Disney World for paying tribute to her deceased daughter.

In a Facebook post last week that has gone viral, Janice Maureen Murphy, whose infant daughter Analiese died last month, explained how a Fairy Godmother helped her connect with her deceased child.

Murphy said she brought a teddy bear containing her daughter’s ashes to the amusement park and lined up to see the Fairy Godmother.

“When you found out that my daughter died, and that her ashes are within the bear, you treated her the same way you treat every child that comes to see you every single day: with love, compassion and kindness. When you hugged her, and kissed her cheek, you made me feel like Analiese mattered to you,” Murphy wrote.

Murphy’s Facebook post has been shared more than 32,000 times as of March 28.

According to one commenter, Murphy’s letter was shared with the Fairy Godmother in the photographs.