Galax mother and 21-month-old daughter victims of double homicide, killer at large

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GALAX, Va. — A 28-year-old mother and her 21-month-old daughter are dead in what police are calling a double homicide.

On Thursday, Alyssa Ann Kenny and her daughter Anastasia Leighann Alley were found dead inside their home on Laurel Street in Galax, Va. The two are lovingly referred to as Ally and Ana by family and friends.

“People don’t realize, an act of violence, the domino effect with the families and the friends,” said Alyssa’s mother, Stacy Ludy.

Ludy said Alyssa wanted nothing more than someone to love her unconditionally, adding that she gained that person on the day Anastasia was born.

“She lived and breathed that child,” Ludy said.

Ludy and other family members were visiting Alyssa from Pennsylvania and drove to her house on Thursday not knowing what had happened in the hours before.

“And we found police tape and cops and dogs,” said Rose Kenny, Alyssa’s aunt.

Their minds filled with memories of Alyssa and Anastasia, their families’ attention shifted to the person or people responsible for their deaths.

“Whoever did it needs to rot behind bars,” said Alyssa’s friend Ashley Hall.

Anastasia’s father’s cousin, Brandon Alley, added that the person(s) is a “low life. Monster.”

Alyssa and Anastasia’s home was surrounded by family, Ludy adding that if Alyssa had a chance to call out for help, all she would have had to have done was open her front door.

“Every time we come down the road we’ll see, of course, the house and it’s [going to] bring back bad memories,” Alley said.

Ludy told FOX8 that not even justice will bring her closure.

“We’ll always be fractured as a family. There’s no healing,” Ludy said. “Every holiday will bring tears, every birthday will bring tears.”

Now, the family is pleading with the public; if you know anything, no matter how small, come forward.

“To any of you out there that have a daughter, just imagine,” Kenny said.

Galax police have not released any suspect information. A medical examiner is working to determine Alyssa and Anastasia’s cause of death.

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