Summerfield Elementary student creates ‘Caring Cookie Club’

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A local elementary school student saw bullying happening at her school and decided to take action.

Peyton Basnight, a third grader at Summerfield Elementary School, created the Caring Cookie Club to recognize her fellow students for their good deeds.

"Personally, I think that everybody needs to know that somebody cares about them," Basnight said. "I think that even if they don't know that, they can learn that somebody does care about them. That's part of the reason why I created the club."

Basnight shared her vision for creating the club with her school counselor and it took off from there.

The idea grew into a program that is now in 22 classrooms and serves more than 650 children.

The blank cookies are in each classroom and students fill them out as they see good things happen. Then, once a week they are read aloud in the classroom.

"Some people don't actually know that you are giving them a cookie, so that could be a surprise for them and that can make them feel very good about themselves," Basnight said.