Piedmont resident warns of Facebook scam

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Mike Hardwick got a Facebook message on Tuesday from a woman he'd never met.

She said her name was Tracey Anderson and claimed to be the head of operations for Facebook.

She messaged Hardwick saying she had good news.

"I won $52,000 through Facebook lottery," Hardwick said, reading his messages.

The woman claimed that Hardwick was one of 50 people randomly selected for Facebook's International Lottery drawing.

Anderson even sent pictures of people holding winner's checks with Facebook's logo on it.

"At this point, I thought it might have been true," Hardwick said.

Hardwick says red flags went up after he was told he had to pay processing fees before getting his check.

"She said I had to pay a fee of $250," he said. "If I won something, why do I have to pay to get it?"

Hardwick never sent the money.

And it's good thing he didn't.

Melanie Ensign with Facebook’s security commission sent an email to FOX8 stating, “Facebook does not run any lotteries.”

Kevin Hinterberger with the Better Business Bureau says any contest or lottery that asks you to pay up front is a scam.

"Even if it's a small denomination like $20, they're trying to rip you off," said Hinterberger, president and CEO of the BBB of Central North Carolina.

Although Hardwick didn't lose any money, he's sharing his story to make sure no one else does.

"It's not true,” Hardwick said. “Don't fall for it."