Leaked ISIS documents reveal fighters preferences, blood type

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A batch of leaked ISIS documents purports to show secret details of foreign fighters, including their nationalities, previous jihadi experience and blood type.

A Syrian opposition newspaper published 1,736 pages of documents that it said it got from an ISIS defector.

German intelligence officials said they are in possession of the documents, but they did not provide details on how they got them.

Wealth of details

The documents are surprisingly detailed.

A black ISIS flag is neatly stamped on the right corner. At the top on the left is the terror group’s version of a border entry stamp. The Arabic script is typed up, neatly arranged in rows and columns, with “private” stamped at the bottom.

The documents include a questionnaire with 23 questions for the recruits and provide an intimate insight into their frame of mind.

In one of the responses, an Australian fighter says he is willing to be a suicide attacker, but his short-sightedness may be a hurdle. He also states that he does not know how to drive a manual transmission.

One would-be suicide attacker appears ready to die as soon as possible.

In the documents, he requests he be dispatched for his suicide attack immediately because of headaches caused by shrapnel.

Global recruitment

In the documents, ISIS claims it’s recruiting from many countries, including Syria, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, France and Germany.

The documents are believed to be from a border crossing into ISIS territory in Syria, the newspaper said. They list 23 questions for would-be fighters including names, age, place of birth and experience. While some of the questions mirror a regular job application, others are tailored to the terrorist group.

One questions the recruits’ “level of obedience” while another one seeks their preference — a regular fighter or a suicide attacker?

Most of the would-be recruits’ entry dates are within 2013.

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The questions

— First and last Name

— Assumed name

— Mother name

— Blood type

— Date of birth/ nationality

— Marital status

— Address and place of birth

— Education

— Sharia level

— Previous job

— Countries visited

— Point of border entry

–Date of entry

— Who recommended you

— Previous jihad experience

— Fighter or suicide attacker

— Field of specialty

— Current working place

— Personal properties you leaving behind

— The level of obedience

— Address for future communication

— Date of death and place

— Notes

Germany: Documents appear genuine

A spokesman for the German federal criminal police said the documents seem legitimate.

“We believe that it is very likely these are genuine documents,” Markus Koths said. “We are taking these into consideration of our law enforcement measures and security. “