Ted Cruz campaigns in North Carolina

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- A week ahead of the North Carolina primary, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz visited Raleigh Tuesday.

Cruz's event was at Calvary Baptist Church and church officials said more than a thousand people lined up to enter, but only around 800 were allowed inside because of space limitations.

Many were surprised upon entering the church that the format was not a traditional campaign rally. Instead, the event was a town hall format, in which Ted Cruz was interviewed up on stage by Megyn Kelly of Fox News for her show, The Kelly Files, to air Wednesday. The Cruz campaign then canceled the scheduled rally that was scheduled to be after the taping, as Cruz headed off to an appearance in Kannapolis.

Cruz said he believes he is the only Republican candidate who can beat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, if she is the nominee. He also said he is the only Republican left in the race who could upset Trump.

"There's only one campaign that has repeatedly beaten Donald Trump and that can and will beat Donald Trump," he said. "And so what we're seeing is Republicans uniting behind our campaign."

Cruz said North Carolina is a key state for his campaign.

"North Carolina is going to have a decisive impact on this primary," he said. "We are campaigning hard in North Carolina and our team on the ground, what we have really seen, is conservatives unite. We have seen evangelicals and libertarians. We've seen young people."