Improving pedestrian safety for Winston-Salem children, pedestrians and bicyclists

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- For residents and students living in the area of Polo Road, sometimes getting around means watching your back.

For as long as they’ve lived or traveled there, pedestrians have had to get around without sidewalks and bicyclists have had to share the road with motorists.

“Just look out for the cars because sometimes they don’t look out for you,” said Roger Schwartz, an area resident and avid bicyclist.

This area is home to young children and the Sunshine House Day Care Center.

“This neighborhood now has more children than it used to have,” said Winston-Salem Council Member Denise Adams. “These young children are out here on the curb waiting on their buses to go to school.”

Walkers complain about the dangers of getting around while having to duck off the road into the grass when vehicles are coming in their direction.

“I do it but I’m always kind of wondering if I’m going to get hit,” said Barbara Schwartz.

Residents spoke out and city leaders listened. Thursday, a groundbreaking marked the beginning of the Polo Road sidewalk project, which will improve pedestrian safety.

The project will consist of adding new sidewalks from Brookwood Drive to Cherry Street. In addition, the section of Polo Road between Cherry Street and Indiana Avenue will be resurfaced and restriped, with the addition of a bike lane.

Voters approved $2 million for the improvements in the November 2014 bond referendum.