Splintered utility pole sparking concern in Thomasville

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A road that sees its fair share of drivers going way over the posted speed limit of 35 mph has a new danger hanging over neighbors’ and drivers’ heads.

It comes in the form of a broken utility pole that has yet to be fixed four days after it was splintered in an early morning traffic accident on Fisher Ferry Street.

“I don’t see why they couldn’t fix it seeing that it’s causing more of a problem now,” said Darrell Hancock, who lives a few houses away from the pole.

Hancock said the pole is slowly giving way and falling closer to the road. He and other neighbors believe if not for the power lines, the pole would have already fallen.

“I was noticing yesterday and today when a police officer was sitting out here the pole was going over,” said Hancock. “All we need is a truck to come down the road and clip it.”

A Thomasville Police Department officer was so concerned about the pole Wednesday afternoon he called Duke Energy to make sure the company knew about the issue. He said once the crash investigation was cleared he thought utility crews would make the repair an immediate priority. Instead, crews left an orange flag on the pole in anticipation of another crew actually making the repair.

A Duke Energy spokeswoman contacted FOX8 Wednesday night and said because the company doesn’t own all the power lines on the pole it takes some time to coordinate how to fix the issue without knocking out power to customers.

Duke Energy said a crew is scheduled to fix the pole Thursday morning.

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