SAT undergoes serious makeover; here’s what students can expect

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The SAT has gotten a serious makeover: no more surprises, no more mystery and no more so-called 'SAT words' or penalties for guessing.

The new SAT that students will take beginning in March will be more focused on what students are learning in the classroom and what research shows matters most for college success.

With this new SAT comes a new way to prepare for the test -- free world-class personalized SAT practice through Khan Academy.

To date, more than 800,000 students have logged on to and have completed 16 million problems.

Students have also made use of a mobile app to scan and score paper practice SAT exams in seconds, as well as practice daily SAT questions. These free practice resources will help students know what kind of questions they should expect on the new SAT.

Stacy Caldwell, College Board's vice president of college readiness and assessment joined FOX8 for today's Mommy Matters to discuss the new exam.