Donald Trump dominates SC primary

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"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the United States, Mr. Donald J. Trump!"

How does that sound to you? It was what blared across the loudspeaker at the Trump post-primary event in South Carolina on Saturday night.

For the hundreds – maybe thousands – there, it was music to their ears. Trump supporters come from many avenues but they are, disproportionately, people who’ve never voted in a Republican primary or caucus before. And they aren’t the party activists – many consider themselves only, “somewhat conservative.” But what they seem to share – almost to the person – is a sense of betrayal from both political parties. They often tell reporters that they can’t see themselves supporting the Democrats and that they thought they had political allies among Republican candidates, until those Republicans went to Washington and, in the eyes of Trump supporters, sold them down the river to join with Democrats in a, “Ruling class,” from DC that doesn’t much care what the people want.

"We feel like we've been left out,” said Allyson Southerland, a Trump supporter at the post-election rally. “I'm a working, female American - I'm a school teacher - and I am in full support of him.”

When she’s asked whether that’s because she sees Trump as someone finally speaking for her, she responds: “Absolutely.”

And that has lead Trump to the top of the Republican political heap.

"When you win, it's beautiful,” Trump told the crowd at the rally at the Spartanburg, SC Marriott. “And we're going to start winning for our country, we're going to start winning."

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