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Board of elections proceed despite congressional district challenge

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – Guilford County Board of elections Director Charlie Collicutt said that elections are moving forth as normal March 15, yet the absentee ballots sent will not be counted in the congressional race.

“Despite everything that we've heard with this redistricting and new elections and new districts we're proceeding like normal,” Collicutt said.

Collicutt said more than 1,000 absentee ballots with the congressional race were faxed and email overseas to our US military personnel before the congressional districts were redrawn.

Monday afternoon, attorneys of state leaders asked federal judges for another review of the redrawn map.

Collicutt mentioned however judges decide to deal with the congressional race on June 7th, the board of elections will have volunteers, about 16 part time workers in place and money in the budget for any necessary reprinting.

“Come on March 15th you’re voting for president, your voting for governor, senate, all the local races, school board will be on the ballot, we just won’t do that congressional race then but then come back on June 7th because that will be the primary for the US house of representatives running for 6 and 13. So it’s really important that you do both and then of course come back in November for the general election,” Collicutt said.

For questions on the redrawn district or who represents your area, simply call your county board of election office.

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