Randolph County alcohol referendum discussions

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SEAGROVE, N.C. -- You can find pottery on almost every corner in Seagrove, but something you can't find is alcohol.

Kevin Hill owns Fresh Cuts Butcher and Seafood Market -- the only grocery store in town.

"They'll come in and want to buy alcoholic beverages, but we don't have it," Hill said.

He's one of several business owners along with town officials pushing to get beer and wine sold in Seagrove.

Town commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to hold a referendum to vote on selling beer and wine.

Hill says selling alcohol could boost his sales by about 15 percent.

“It's the people's choice,” he said. “They have to get out and vote."

Seagrove isn't the only small town fighting for alcohol sales.

Franklinville also wants a referendum held for beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Ramseur -- which already sells beer and wine -- is pushing for an ABC store.

The town voted last fall for the store but state officials said election results were invalid because the town didn't have the required number of registered voters.

In Seagrove, most residents that spoke with FOX8 said they're in favor of beer and wine being sold in town.

"Everybody won't be drinking and driving as much,” said resident Jessica McLeod. “It would be right here at home."

"It would be less tempting to go to somewhere like Asheboro and drink there and come back versus going here and going back home," said resident Eric Kindley.