New dating site helps you meet your match using body odor

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Mmm what’s that smell? It could be the sweet scent of your next “special someone.”

A new dating website called Smell Dating lets users exchange worn t-shirts and choose a match based on the scent from the shirt.

For $25 the daters each receive a clean t-shirt in the mail and are told to wear it for three days. Smell Dating says clients should avoid wearing deodorant or perfume because those scents mask a person’s natural smell.

After three days of wearing the same t-shirt, clients return the shirt in a pre-paid envelope. Then, the client receives 10 other people’s shirts in the mail.

Once the client gets a good whiff of each one, they pick the one that smells the best.

If it’s a mutual match, then both clients are given each other’s phone numbers.

According to the site, Smell Dating is currently limited to 100 people and is only available in New York City.