Man loses beloved dog in tragic accident in Gibsonville

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GIBSONVILLE, N.C. – It's the most heart breaking and heart warming story of an older man, his beloved dog Diamond, and the small town who loves them both.

"She needed to be walked and I needed her to walk me," said 81-year-old Donald Parish. "I started walking her while trying to heal from a broken hip."

The two strolled downtown Gibsonville three times a day. Donald would wave at everyone driving by, no matter which way they were headed.

"He had the dog leash in one hand, his cane in the other and he'd wave his cane 'hello' and speak to everyone," remembers his wife, Kitty.

Recently, a tragic accident killed Diamond during one of their walks. Diamond saw another dog drive by in a pickup truck and took off after it. It was an extractable leash and while Diamond was running across the road, another driver drove by and accidentally ran over Diamond.

Since then, the town mayor, the police chief and neighbors have all stopped by, wanting to help Donald find another dog. He and wife adopted another rescue, like Diamond, and the new dog should be home with them in a few days.