Trucker inspires others with random acts of kindness

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- On most days with his dog Tonto by his side, Nick Giglio is on the road in his 18-wheeler.

He uses the truck to run his business Hi-Ho Silver Shipping which ships cars to dealerships and auctions.

"I’m rarely home, always working, always trying to help," Giglio said.

But on his down time, he also uses his truck to perform random acts of kindness.

"In my travels, there's always somebody that needs a ride, needs something brought down, needs a pet brought down," said Giglio who mainly travels between New Jersey and Florida.

He gives the help for free to anyone who needs it, even strangers.

Through his community group Epic Good, Giglio tries to inspire others to be as kind as possible in real life and on social media.

The idea came to him after his brother Anthony committed suicide in 2006.

"You never know where someone is mentally in their life, how they're feeling,” he said.

“So, a little ‘Hello,’ ‘Hi, how are you,’ just little small things can make a difference in someone's life."

Suzie Harris follows Giglio on social media and says his posts have helped her get through some dark times.

"It's an inspiration because you hear so much bad all day long," she said.

Giglio is also friends with Harris' son and daughter.

When she found out he was driving through North Carolina this week but didn't have a place to stay, she opened her doors to him, his girlfriend, and Tonto.

A random act of kindness of her own to say "Thank you."

"If everybody was kind in the world, it'd be such a better world," Harris said.