Crews work to restore power in Rockingham County

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- A normally quiet drive home from work for Scott Taylor quickly turned into a terrifying experience.

"High winds and trees falling down in front of me. Gusts of winds 40, 50 miles per hour. Nice-sized tree almost fell on my vehicle,” Taylor said.

Early Tuesday morning, strong winds downed dozen of trees from Eden to Ellisboro. Some trees blocked roads while others fell on power lines. Eden resident Dominque Perkins woke up to a cold and dark house.

"You could see your breath. It was frustrating. We had to get out of here. It was pretty cold,” Perkins said.

Meanwhile in Madison, David Craig watched as neighbors were able to turn on their power. Craig couldn't turn on his lights because a downed tree ripped the electric meter box off of his house. Craig is making plans just in case crews can't restore power to his home.

"We will probably stay home and put extra blankets on the bed and if it gets below freezing we will go to a friends house to spend the night,” he said.

At one point, more than 6,000 Duke Energy customers were in the dark. Power crews from Durham to Greensboro moved into Rockingham County to help restore the power.

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