Photographer captures ‘hauntingly beautiful’ homes across America – including one in NC

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – A photographer has captured several images of “hauntingly beautiful” homes across America – including one in Rockingham County.

Photographer Seph Lawless is sharing several photos of homes featured in his recently-released book “13: Hauntingly Beautiful.”

“I wanted to show really hauntingly beautiful images of some really fascinating architecture,” he said. “These houses by all accounts epitomize what a haunted house looks to us in our minds.”

Lawless said being inside the houses was scary at times. He said he even noticed some “shadowy figures” in the editing process.

“It may have been a derelict watching me in the dark, which is even more frightening to me than anything paranormal,” he said.

Lawless said a few of the homes he featured were even used by serial killers to kill and hide their victims. Anthony Sowell and Michael Madison are both currently on death row for their crimes, he said.

Lawless is from Ohio and is known for his photos of urban decay and abandoned spaces. Check out Lawless’ work on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr pages.

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