Multiple wrecks reported in Rockingham County because of ice

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. – Within seconds, Robert Southern lost control of his SUV while heading northbound on U.S. 220 in Madison.

"I just got loose, fish tailed, hit a slick spot," Southern said. "I hit the inside rail of the bridge and spun around."

Southern says he was doing everything right, even driving under the limit.

“The posted speed limit through here is 60,” he said. “I was doing 55."

But icy conditions caused his truck to spin around.

Another SUV and a tractor-trailer behind him hit the brakes to try to avoid him but crashed instead.

"All three hit the bridge then ran into each other," said North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Michael Elrod.

Elrod says state troopers responded to at least seven accidents in Rockingham County Monday afternoon.

Elrod says all of them were caused by ice.

“The roads, I know they look good, but they're iced over with black ice," he said.

Nearly an hour after the wreck on 220, state troopers were called to another crash on NC 770 and Pruitt Road where a car swerved off the road, flipped, and hit a tree.

The woman inside was pinned in until firefighters pulled her out.

State troopers say there haven’t been any serious injuries so far.

"My back's a little sore, but I'll be alright," Southern said.

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