Here’s what happened when a woman created a fake boyfriend on Instagram

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NEW YORK -- This Valentine's Day, 22-year-old Hannah Smothers will not have a date. Instead of feeling alone, Smothers became curious and creative.

She meticulously curated posts on her Instagram account to see if she could convince friends and family she had a boyfriend, when she did not.

"I really just wanted to see if I could pull it off and people would fall for it," Smothers said.

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đź’•love on the L trainđź’•

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The New Yorker is also a sex-and-relationship editor for and decided to use the experiment as research.

"I guess I've learned my friends will believe pretty much anything I put on Instagram," Smothers said.

The entire ploy was pulled off with just a few staged photos.

"The first post was just a picture of brunch and there wasn't anything in the caption about a boyfriend, or a boy even," Smothers said. "The next one was flowers and I just said, 'someone not gross sent me flowers.'"

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someone not gross sent me flowers

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As the posts with vague captions continued, the curiosity of her friends and family peaked. Finally she admitted, the boyfriend didn't exist.

"I wanted it to make a weird point about how you don't need a boyfriend to get a lot of likes on Instagram or have a good time on the weekend or have a good Valentine's Day," Smothers said.

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