Hibbett Sports mistakenly sends out ‘Congratulations Carolina’ Super Bowl gear text

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(Hibbett Sports)

(Hibbett Sports)

The last time we checked, Denver beat Carolina in the Super Bowl. But maybe Hibbett Sports knows something we don’t.

On Wednesday night, the sporting goods retailer sent out a text to those signed up for their alerts on deals congratulating the Panthers.

The text also contained a link to a page on Hibbett Sports’ website that, as of 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, was still online.

Hibbett Sports listed on their website stores that would be open with Panthers Super Bowl gear until 1 a.m.


(Hibbett Sports)

Naturally, Twitter lit up over the mistaken text shortly after it went out.

Twitter users were also quick to point out Hibbett Sports’ grammar mistake.

“Carolina Panthers your [sic] the champs!”

Hibbett Sports tweeted out an apology at 9:47 p.m. Wednesday.