Trump, Sanders win GOP, Democratic New Hampshire primaries

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Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire Republican primary, according to a CNN projection, but there is a close race for second.

One week after placing second in the Iowa Republican caucuses, Donald Trump placed first in New Hampshire.

He had been far ahead in public opinion polls leading up to the contest, but the win is particularly important as a test for the billionaire’s unconventional campaign style.

He had been ahead in polls in Iowa as well.

The race for second in New Hampshire could determine which candidate emerges as a chief rival to Trump in the months ahead.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire Democratic primary, according to a CNN projection.

The win was expected for the senator from a neighboring state who had been ahead in public opinion polls.

But it could nonetheless give Democrats further pause about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The victory for the self-described democratic socialist also robs Clinton of victory in a state she won during the 2008 presidential primary and which gave her husband momentum on his way to the White House in 1992.

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