Greensboro neighborhood on alert after home break-ins

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GREENSBORO, NC -- It's known as a safe, family-friendly neighborhood, but now crime is on the minds of many people in Kirkwood.

According to, there have been two home break-ins in the Kirkwood area in the past eight days. They occurred a week apart -- this Thursday and last Thursday.

One was at 30-year-old Susanne Hall's house.

"I came home at the end of my work day and my back door had been completely shattered," she said. "I was really scared. They take your peace of mind before they take anything else."

Hall said her laptop and some jewelry were missing.

"I've now put locks on my back gates and I have a security system. No stone has gone unturned to have better security in my house at this point," she said.

Aside from the home break-ins, some in Kirkwood expressed concern about suspicious vehicles circling the neighborhood, as well as strangers coming up to doors to jiggle door handles to see if they're unlocked.

Many people in Kirkwood say they love their neighborhood and the tight-knit community they've built. They think that could be their best defense.

"I call the police every time I see something suspicious," Kirkwood resident Matt Comer said. "We're always watching each other's backs."