Computer hackers pretend to help in scam reported in the Piedmont

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – Guildford County sheriff investigators are warning people about a computer scam making its way around the Piedmont again.

Lt. Brian Hall with the department said the scam promises to help people with a virus or potential hack with their personal computer only to gain access to their private information or money.

"Through your email, they’ve even been known to do it through instant messaging claiming one of several things, either your computer is running slow and they can help you get it going faster or your computer has been infected with a virus and then they offer to help you with that problem," Hall said. "Either for a fee for some sort of bogus software, they’ll ask you to download some sort of program that allows them remote access to your computer, usually team viewer.”

Sue Dixon in Greensboro said she got a call at 7:30 a.m. Friday from a caller with all zeros in the caller ID.

"I feel like some elderly person would jump up, cut their computer on, and some people leave their computer on all day all the time," Dixon said.

Dixon hung up the phone before giving out any personal information.

Hall said the latest scam has been traced to India, but many overseas operations are hard to investigate.

Investigators mention, unless you solicit a service, be suspicious of someone trying to help.

"What we're finding is the vast majority of these are operating overseas," Hall said. "There are some here but they pop up and close down."