Local car wash businesses packed on first nice day after winter storm

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HIGH POINT, N.C. – The snow came down more than a week ago, but in some ways it’s still here.

The reminder of it can be seen on many of our cars.

Car washes across the Triad were packed Saturday with people trying to get their cars cleaned.

We checked in with three High Point businesses.

At Splish Splash Car Wash on South Main Street, there were so many cars that a line formed onto the street.

“They do a really good job on my car,” said Lynn Hazelton, a loyal customer. “It [her car] had a lot of salt from the snow.”

At Master Blaster on Fairfield Road, several drivers were busy cleaning their vehicles.

“We came out today, just like everyone else,” said Tena Roberson, who brought her and her husband’s vehicle. “It’s a beautiful day and we had to get the white streaks off from the snow so it wouldn’t mess up the paint job.”

At Golden Touch Car Wash on Brian Jordan Place, workers said it was busier than usual. They serviced a new record of more than 600 cars and ended up staying open later.

Workers in the car wash industry say following major weather events like the last week’s storm, business picks up.