Mrs. Happy Homemaker to appear on FOX8 morning show on Monday

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A photo of Mrs. Happy Homemaker with her late husband.

HIGH POINT, N.C. – Mrs. Happy Homemaker will appear on the FOX8 morning show on Monday for the first time since her husband passed away.

Food blogger Crystal Faulkner, better known as “Mrs. Happy Homemaker,” lost her husband at the age of 33 in July on last year.

Faulkner regularly joined the FOX8 morning show to share recipes. She has appeared on TV several times, sharing recipes and do-it-yourself projects for Easter, Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl and more.

Faulkner plans to appear on a morning show segment Monday about the Super Bowl.

“This is my first time on air since my husband passed away, so I’m a little nervous,” she wrote on Facebook. “But I know everyone out there will be welcoming me back with open arms & I’m very thankful for that. The first time doing things again are always the scariest after losing a spouse.”