What local school systems consider when deciding to close school

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Most students in the Piedmont will not be going back to school Tuesday. Districts announced there were still concerns with icy conditions.

FOX8 rode along with Guilford County Schools Director of Transportation Jeff Harris as he weighed his decision Monday.

"We have to think a lot about what the buses can manage. Ice and snow on hills and on back roads and neighborhood roads are not safe for bus drivers," he explained, showing us some neighborhoods around Jamestown Middle.

In addition, Harris said they have to consider whether kids can safely get to their bus stops or whether someone could lose control of a car on the road and hit children waiting for a bus. "There's a lot to think about to keep the kids and staff safe."

GCS maintenance crews were making their way from school to school to clear parking lots Monday. The sun helped but it takes time, Harris said. Custodial crews were helping salt and scrape sidewalks.

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