Driving in slush can be as dangerous as driving in ice

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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- With the sun peeking out and today's higher temps, many of the Piedmont's main roadways seem clear, but don't assume it's automatically smooth sailing.

Some of the ice and snow are now big puddles of slush.

"Slush can be just as dangerous as ice you can see because there can be bits of ice in that slush and you can slide in it also," said Sgt. Sam Epps with the Burlington Police Department. "Also, you'll see giant slabs of ice on the tops of car and trucks. The wind will get underneath that ice and send it flying in the air. We recommend drivers stay at least eight car lengths behind the driver in front of them."

Plenty of back roads are still iced over, especially in shaded areas. Sgt. Epps recommends drivers drive much slower than usual on those roads and if they begin to slide, to not slam on their brakes.

"Steer your car towards the rear of your car. The trick is to not panic and to turn just slightly, only enough to cause the car to correct."

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